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Reward Calculator - Epoch
Selected Pool =
Actual pool reward
(based on produced blocks)
Expected blocks = Expected blocks
Reward distribution ADA Notes
Reward after fixed cost deduction
Reward after variable fee deduction This is distributed among the delegators
Pool variable fee
Produced blocks = Blocks produced in this epoch
Delegated ADA Active stake partition Delegator's reward
Pool Fixed Cost (₳) = Pool fixed cost
Pool Variable Fee (%) = Pool variable fee
T (₳) = Circulating ADA Supply
Block luck
Ps (₳) = active stake
Ts (₳) = All Pool Active Stake
Total Reserves Total Rewards Available Rewards Available after treasury taxes (R)
Os (₳) = pledge
blocks = Produced by stake pools
ro = Monetary expansion factor
Pool optimal reward
(based on expected blocks)
tau = Treasury tax
k = Protocol desired pools factor
d = Centralisation factor
Tm = Maximum ADA Supply
β = Relative blocks produced σa = Relative active stake
pe = Apparent pool performance Re = Total Rewards per epoch
a0 = σ’ = Pool active stake / Total supply
z0 = Saturation Point s’ = Owner active stake / Total supply
Warning! Presented results are not a promise of future profits!
All they show is what APPROXIMATE amount of reward a person could receive ON AVERAGE in the selected period of time (specific epoch and rewards are coming one epoch later) ONLY IF actual behavior of the system would somewhat match WITH PARAMETERS SELECTED ABOVE!
These results just demonstrate how the formula works, and the formula is somewhat similar to the one that will be used in the Cardano reward calculation protocol.
Credit goes to the GROW pool (original spreadsheet at
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